# Team

Ten months ago, on one of our Slack channels, someone asked for recommendations about web development courses for beginners. Multiple answers and a barrage of links later, the question changed: Could we create our own Bootcamp? Many Lenio volunteers raised their hands and many more joined along the way. The challenge was big as we did not yet measure all the required effort, a task that could only be feasible if it was done as a team. We knew that we had very talented colleagues and this Bootcamp gave us the opportunity to work with those who had not yet crossed paths in other projects. We learned a lot in this journey. The process was organic, dynamic, and inclusive: many people from different areas were able to integrate their vision, enriching the results of each stage.

This type of project takes a lot of effort, commitment, and time. We were always able to keep moving forward even when the tasks seemed daunting. What allowed us to take this to the finish line was that the collaboration took place in stages. When one could not go on, then someone appeared who could continue where the task was left off. This ended up being the most enriching of the process: knowing that we could count on others and that their contributions strengthened our work.

This Bootcamp took on a life of its own, it has the mark of each one and the sum of all. It made us grow as people and professionals and we hope that this growth will multiply in each course. We invite you all to be part of this training, at Leniolabs we are interested in continuing to share our experience and open knowledge to anyone who finds it useful. All the content in this guide is open source because the nature of our profession is to change with great speed, and the collaboration of all is necessary to keep this course alive and useful for those who come across it. Welcome to our Bootcamp and thank you all for being a part of this!

# April 19th, 2021