# Code of conduct - Bootcamp Leniolabs_

At Leniolabas_ we spend time and effort in building a environment in which respect, clear communication and collaboration is a corner-stone. Based on this we have created the following rules that will help us maintain a healthy and possitve environment for the learning process.

# General code of conduct

  • We value and respect differences.
  • We provide constructive feedback in case we consider it necessary or is asked for.
  • We tolerate and we are kind with other participants.
  • We worked in a cooperative manner, helping others and foster collaboration among others.

# Code of conduct at Classes

  • Students must stick to the lessons time schedules.
  • We expect that participants attend every lesson or they inform us about possible.
  • We expect that all students use their Name and Last name while accessing the tools that will support the learning process.

# Code of conduct - Misbehaviour

  • We will not accept the use of images, videos or any other element that may contain sexual content of any kind.
  • We will not accept derogatory language.
  • We will not accept any kind of harassment.

The items above are intended to foster an environment healthy and of mutual respect for the learning process. Leniolabs_ reserves the right to admit, keep or allow the continuation of a person in the Bootcamp and classes.